Online Website Design Training

Description of Training

This website design training has being design for you to learn how you can design a website from scratched to finish online. At the end of the training you will be able to design the website showing below which is the focus of the training.

Website Design Training Focus

Website Design Training Requirement

This training is going to be 80% practical and 20% theory to give the participant the full hand on desk to know how to design a website.


 Require Outcome of This Website Design Training

This online website design training course will teach you how to design a 5 - pages website from the planning stage to the commission stage of which during this training you will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Functionality of a website
  • How to analyse a website
  • How to organize your website design plan
  • How to draw a layout of a website
  • How design the pages
  • How to add contents (Text,Graphics,Video)
  • How to create Navigations
  • How to Linking to other pages
  • How to create other pages
  • How to choose the right domain
  • How to choose the right host
  • How to upload using ftp to your remote host

Online Website Design Training Modules

MODULE 1: Analysis and Planning

This is the aspect where the actual goal of the proposed site will be discuss before we start working on anything else.

MODULE 2: Structural Design of the Website

This part of the training takes care of the diagram to explain all aspect of the design from the very home page till the last

MODULE 3: Website Organization

This takes care of arranging all the neccessary folder the website is going to make used of in the root directory

MODULE 4: Site Defination

The site defination aspect help us syncronise all our design the way we want it on the particular software we are going to use

MODULE 5: Creating the First Page of the website

This is where we create the first page of the website which is the index file thatall other pages will originates from.

MODULE 6: Website Layouting

This aspect is where we give the site the defined structure and how contents will be arranged.

MODULE 7: Add banner, navigation, logo and linking

This part we are going to show you how to add contents to the header section, like nav. text, graphic banner, logo to the website

MODULE 8: Adding more content to the body of the website

This part will takes care of how to add contents like graphics, video or text to the website

MODULE 9: Creating the footer section 

This is where we add contents to the footer sections of the website

MODULE 10: Creating of other pages

This is where we show you how to create other pages of the website

MODULE 11: Testing 

This is the part where we now test the full website to see if it meets our planning

MODULE 12: Domain Name

This is where we show you how to choose a domain name for your website

MODULE 13: Hosting

This is where we show you how to make an hosting choice for your website

MODULE 14: Uploading Files to Remote Host

This is where we show you host to use FTP software to transfer your website file to your remote host

Starts On:
August 31, 2018
12:00 PM
Ends On:
August 31, 2018
3:00 PM
Online Web Training
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